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Art in Music and Music in Art

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all music lessons and art classes are online and in-person when permitted.

What students do at ZB Music Art School:

  • Students communicate through Music and Art, express themselves, create beautiful sounds and colours.

  • Students explore their innerselves through music and art and share their thoughts and feelings with others.

  • Students perform at the concerts, music festivals, and competitions.

  • Students prepare for auditions and examinations.

  • Students learn, create and use an interdisciplinary approach.

  • Students analyze music in colours and do research about the composers and compositions.

  • Students write their own music based on sports, math, science and everything that students like to connect to music.

  • Students play solo music, duets, trios and quartets.

  • Students give back to the community by playing in the retirement homes and hospitals.

  • Students have the opportunity to teach at ZB Music Art Schools.


Zb Music art school offers

    Music and Art classes

   for all ages and levels